Our Vision

Our Mission

Based in British Columbia, Canada, the Plantera mission is to provide you with healthy, high quality natural sources of energy and nutrition that taste delicious. Society is becoming aware of the negative health effects that come with consuming synthetic products such as energy drinks and pre-workout supplements. Our solution is to deliver simple, convenient superfood blends using natural and organic ingredients that come with great health benefits. 

Our Values

Our Customers. The Plantera mission can only be accomplished through our loyal customers. We aim to benefit your busy days with our products.

Quality. At Plantera, we ensure that all products are 100% natural and of the highest possible quality.

Convenience. Much of the value we add at Plantera comes through the convenience of our products. Enjoy them at home, or at the office on a busy work day.

We hope you enjoy Plantera products with your friends and family.

-Curtis Estabrook, Owner-