Matcha and Hojicha Lattes - Breaking Down Our First Two Retail Products

Plantera's first collection of retail products revolves around two highly popular superfood teas from Japan - matcha and hojicha. Although these two Japanese teas are starting to gain popularity in North America (especially matcha), there are still many people who are unaware of the details, health benefits and even what matcha and hojicha are as a whole - so we thought we would fill you in!


An elite form of green tea in powdered form, matcha leaves go through very precise planting, cultivating and harvesting procedures to maximize nutrients and chlorophyll concentration. This superfood contains natural caffeine, vitamins, antioxidants, rare amino acids, essential minerals and chlorophyll. Unlike regular green tea leaves which are steeped in water then thrown away, matcha is the entire tea leaf ground up into a fine powder. This means that when you drink matcha you are getting multiple times the nutritional content of regular green tea. The highest quality matcha in the world is produced in Japan, where it has been grown for centuries and is a part of traditional Japanese tea ceremony culture. 


Hojicha is a Japanese tea made by slowly roasting dried green tea leaves, resulting in a reddish brown coloured loose leaf tea. After the roasting process, our Hojicha is ground into a fine powder, like matcha. More of a delicacy, this delicious tea has a very small amount of natural caffeine when compared to matcha, due to the roasting process. Hojicha has a nutty, sweet, smoky flavour that reminds many people of cocoa - and unlike matcha, has little to no bitterness as it gets naturally removed through the roasting process. 

Now that we know a little bit about our base ingredients, here is a breakdown of our first two products which come in vegan and classic forms:

Instant Latte

Along with either matcha or hojicha powder, our instant latte packets contain whole milk powder or coconut milk powder to serve as a built in creamer, plus a small amount of organic cane sugar. All you need is water and the beverage is ready to go - the beauty of this product comes in the flexibility of how and also where you can make it. Following the instructions on the back of the package, you can enjoy it hot by using only hot water, or cold by dissolving the instant mix with hot water and filling the difference with milk, vegan milk or cold water. 

Check out our catalog to see dairy and vegan versions of our instant lattes to suit your personal needs!